Why A Car Junk Yard Can Be a Gold Mine

For a very long time, I had a used car that required a lot of TLC just to keep it from breaking down on the side of the road, let alone run well. I made many trips to a local car junk yard to get replacement parts so I would not end up in the poor house. It may not have been a lot of fun but it was educational and I soon discovered that a good car junk yard can be a gold mine, if you know what you are doing. Of course, these days I fix up cars for profit – so instead of runnign around junk yards I go to Salvage Market – one of the biggest car salvage websites on the net!

The first time I went to the car junk yard near my home, I needed a new track for my driver’s side window. It was summer, and the window would not roll down. It pretty much goes without saying that my car did not have air conditioning, and I did not want to spend an arm and a leg on a new compressor, so I bought the track for $20 from the junk yard. I brought the track to my mechanic who installed the part for me and charged me $25 for doing so. At least now, I would not be covered in sweat whenever I had to go somewhere.

I spoke to the guy at the car junk yard, and explained to him my situation. He said that I was welcome to come to his yard whenever I had such a problem and get whatever part I needed. Obviously, I was extremely grateful, and over the years, I took advantage of his offer on numerous occasions. It worked out well for him as well, and I kept my car drivable until I was able to get a new car down the line.

I started to think about the great deal that the man at the car junk yard had offered me, and an idea crossed my mind. I went to the yard and said that I wanted to pick up some spare parts from some of the cars he had. I was honest with him, and told him that I was going to sell them online, and asked what he would charge me to pick up a list of items that I provided him. He charged me $100 to take all of the parts that I needed, which I turned around and sold for nearly $1,000! I had discovered a good way to make a little money on the side and to help my friend at the car junk yard out as well.

When I say that a car junk yard can be a gold mine, I am being completely serious. I kept good records of the money I made as I was doing that, and made sure that I paid all of the necessary taxes. It really helped out, and I still feel proud when I think about my decision to give it a try.