I was really spoiled by my first house. It came with a dishwasher, a high-powered microwave oven, a beautiful patio out back, and most important, central heat and air. The reason I say most important is because I live in Texas, where air conditioning is a must.

We always had window units when I was growing up, and I felt really special with the central heat and air. One day the system went down, however, and it was then that I realized that an air conditioner wall unit can come in really handy.

It was the middle of August, and easily over 100 degrees. All of the sudden, I started to smell something burning and went over to look at the vent in my hallway where the thermostat was. It was getting warmer in my house, and the smell was intensifying.

Before long, it was 85 degrees and climbing. I turned off the AC and called a repairman. He informed me that it would take two weeks before he could make it out. I called around to a number of other places, and it was the same way. I remembered that I had an air con wall unit in my garage that was practically new and in excellent condition.

I went and got it and put it into the window in my bedroom. It was pretty miserable throughout the rest of the house, but it was quite nice in my room. Having the air conditioner wall unit could actually have saved my life. The temperature was at a dangerous level, with no end in sight, and I would not be able to get a repairman out to my house for two weeks.

I spent most of those two weeks in my bedroom, where fortunately, I also had a television and my computer set up. It was not bad, and I was extremely grateful to have the air conditioner wall unit because it actually felt like it was a little bit cooler than what it would have normally been in my house. I think that may just have been my own subconscious gratitude at having the unit, though.

If you are fortunate enough to own one, you probably realized how fortunate you are to have an air conditioner wall unit around. You may not need it very often, and it may seem like it is taking up space in your garage or storage, but when you do need it, you will certainly be grateful you have it available.